When Did This Came into in??

Cryptocurrencies are digital gold. Money that is protected from political influence, that promises to preserve and increase its value with time. The cryptocurrencies are also a fast and convenient means of payment worldwide.

Bitcoin investicia

A unicorn of the 21st century or the money of the future? The world is changing. Do you want to know how to use this fact so that you have a share in it too? Or we will all just look at it like most people have done so far. Technologies like Apple, Google have changed the world, people who have grabbed the chance and predicted it have earned a lot of money.

Something new is coming. The world is changing, digitizing. It was once barter, later canvas, oil, coins, paper money and today we pay electronically by cards. Development is continually advancing. Within 5 to 10 years, it is assumed that we will pay electronically only.

The cryptocurrency is, in fact, analogous to classic money, only converted to digital form on the Internet. When compared to classic currencies (FIAT currency, such as USD, EUR, CZK, etc.), the fundamental difference is that no group or individual can increase the amount of cryptocurrency in circulation (with the current classic currencies, on the contrary, the amount of money in circulation is increased by a central bank and commercial banks at their own discretion).

For Bitcoin, the amount is set at fixed 21 million Bitcoins (exactly 20,999,999.9769). Since the digital currency is not printed, it is guarded by a complex mathematical algorithm that decides the amount of currency which can be used or ‘printed’. This is why the cryptocurrency does not know the concept of inflation.

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